We are the nation's local media and entertainment conduit, headquartered in the New York metro area, serving publisher's and advertiser's with lead generation aquisition, behavorial response, sales conversion and experienced talent acquisition. We key test trackable performance behaviors, phone calls, page views, actual click destination analysis, heat map reporting of actual consumer action during the campaign and deep social network analytics. Our goal is to provide a high level overview of our background, core deliverables, find out more about your corporate culture and schedule a conference call to establish media vendor selections based on your requirements and begin our process to explore a deep new world of local inbound conquest community connections that become customer relationships and friends.


Clark Cotton Media connects people with a more engaged community, replacing transactions with strong relationships forged by our partnership vendor and club member process, in a consistently more sustainable and profitable way, allowing the community to stay fully connected to the world through the local creative and deployment programs from a less than a baker's dozen of meaningful partners.


Our process creates quality leads, jobs, new sales, new hires, satisfied clients. B2B and B2C solutions, using the largest call center in North America, a direct mail list targeting over 300 million households for new clients, traffic sourcing analytics, custom industry specific white paper creation, complete training and a responsive, double opt in email marketing database exceeding over 1/3 of all consumers in The United States of America. Our business expertise to both professionals and consumers, as your trusted media advisor, includes the targeted local media sponsorships and unique staffing solutions for franchised Automobile Dealerships, Medical & Pharma, Home Services, Financial Services and local Emerging Media and Entertainment! 


The national e-mail component is matched with integrated "influencer" marketing.  This includes developing micro-site ad creatives, multiple off site full landing pages, a lead magnet contest and sweepstakes based splash micro-page creatives. These are all hosted away from your main website server,  and targeted e-mail marketing is delivered with the brand sponsor and entertainment needs of the local community. 


Our focus is on "actionable product intenders", because they open the e-mail, hit on "contact us", "hours & directions", "tickets", "venue", "careers" or similar "hit" indicators on both the brand and artist websites, confirming the "in-the-market" signals verified through our technology.  Our third party authentication company will verify that the last name, physical address and e-mail from purchases, are "matched authenticated" as one of our conquest participants or that lead asset conversion is removed from the invoice cost period - permanently.


In addition the "in house" entertainment group offers direct entertainment talent buys, "acoustic shows" for any occasion, contesting and local emerging artists for "tent sale", corporate parties, holiday festivals, and other events that envelope the entire marketing campaign. Media planning and buying includes all social, display and SEM, direct buys with local and top music and entertainment platforms, pre-roll, truview and search, TV, Out of Home (billboards, street furniture, transit, shopping cart and alternative), playlisting strategies, artists, brands, media, print and radio. The greatest asset is the analytics and reporting decision engine, allowing for the perfection of each campaign over time, allowing us to achieve the highest success beyond deployment of feasibility projections and decision with real time results. The stage is set for both emerging artist success and the brand to connect to the local community with a focus on responsive mobile inbound marketing.


Our additional programs and experts champion targeted video display, pre-roll, pay per click, pay per action and social retargeting campaigns. Our newest program covers "in house" staff recruitment, supermarket display, social media ID e-mail retargeting, mobile advertising, SMS, MMS, beacons, organization wide training, with customer satisfaction index (CSI) and other surveys training, gift cards from ecommerce stores to give "on the spot" to every customer that physically shows up to your store (*only available on certain programs), password protected third party separate conquest authentication techniques, verified and targeted by our "in the market today" conquest lead generation campaigns (conquest = in the last 5 years they are not known previously to your company DMS or CRM), (*negotiated contractual claw backs when possible), benefits solutions with ACA compliance, specific event driven "earned media", generated by local venue and charitable sponsorships with a combination of noteworthy local athletes, community leaders, politicians, veterans and entertainers. Clark Cotton Media and Clark Cotton Media Latino are ready to champion your next creative and collaborate with you today!

Clark Cotton Media first brings people together locally, introducing proven sponsorship strategies using noteworthy and emerging local entertainment, with noteworthy local celebrities for public speaking events and more. The industry movement from traditional advertising and publishing methods, sets the stage for our show, establishing the people of any community with service providers, publisher's and advertiser's locally, expanding national merchandise and brand sponsorship opportunities with a global online storefront, sponsored with highly profitable emerging and engaged artistry, vetted by third party authentication with proven merchandise sales, to define a trending marketplace of local fans with less app user decay, from "anywhere local" in and around the world. 


We fully support local advertiser's, publisher's, emerging artists and brand sponsors needs, cultural, educational and emerging social community activities, developed by the process hereto, with noteworthy local standouts, including former high school, collegiate and professional athletes, emerging local and global entertainers to perform for the proud community once again.


Clark Cotton Media, with member activity incorporated into significantly unique forms of local community-building initiatives, various local contests, exciting local sweepstakes and events, will clearly bench mark the plan of ultimate survivorship in the community for years ahead.


Our members are branching to connect the world inbound via mobile, first with cloud, browser, playlist, messaging, search engine and games.  Our process creates loyalty, lower user decay, contextual relavance and congruancy using traditional direct mail, TV, radio, newspaper, mobile inbound and other e-mail marketing.  Our process provides ongoing continual advanced campaign research of all media response and with high level reporting technology partners. Our club vendors use current local high ranking search engine optimization techniques on the worlds most intelligent marketplace forums providing over the top reaching strategies and perfecting profitability.  We serve brands, artists, publishers and advertisers, for the betterment of the local community, through direct sponsorship of brandable members of the community itself. We promote our process with the local noteworthy emerging talent, advertisers, publishers and brand partnerships via results driven mobile inbound marketing domination!

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